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The System is in Flux

14-11-2013 | rpiadmin So thanx to a ton of good feedback and a very supportive play-test group a lot has changed in REV B.  The major change is to the core mechanic and Combat, making the system both positive and faster than before.  We also have a new Vehicle design, New Hybrid armor design, new fatigue rules,and revamped explosives. Major Changes System change is very basic Successes now = EF/100 + 1 for a s... Read News

Bring on the Gods

30-11-1999 | rpiadmin So I am playing a long term Warhammer Fantasy 3rd game, along with a rogue trader when somebody cannot make the WFRP game.  One thing I have come to realize is how cool it is the the chaos gods and their minions are so involved in the universe.  Sure thee are orks and beastmen and Tau and Eldar, but no matter what the opposition you can some how attach a chaos god or their minions to the real ha... Read News

Food Fight The Card Game

30-11-1999 | rpiadmin Food Fight at High School High All the Seniors at High School High are planning a food fight.  The science club has documented all the ammo and sent downloads to Everyone's Pod Caster device.  The Mashed potatoes are ready, the hot sauce and the jelly doughnuts are ripe and the teachers are unaware.  SMS messages send you advantages from using a Freshman to defend yourselves or getting caught... Read News

Strikeforce:2136 Rev B PlayTest

02-10-2012 | rpiadmin RolePlayersINK,llc Announces the StrikeForce:2136 Rev B PlayTest Hello! Its an exciting time here at RPI as the first book of the new Rev B rules is done. We have created 2 layouts, similar in look, but the location of the meta game info is different. RPI is looking for feedback on the 2 layouts, the rules, game play and anything else the players want to tell us. We have a short survey that ask... Read News

What is no Brakes

29-03-2012 | rpiadmin I want to be clear that this is not railroading to get to that awesome scene the GM has in his head. This is about starting things in motion, like Lex Luthor in the first superman the movie or the bad guy in die hard did. They started a series or events and then did stuff to try and stop the good guys from stopping them. Characters can figure out whats going on faster, making a GM or the p... Read News

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