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A Flashpoint is Coming

14-07-2017 | rpiadmin Flashpoint In the course of history there are moments where events coalesce into a flashpoint, critical decisions must be made to keep societies and even humanity moving forward away from the abyss of extinction.   Flashpoint is a board game I have been working on for years to show how large entities, Nations or Corps, can work together or against each other and the effects it has on the world... Read News

The Conflict Toolset

29-10-2016 | rpiadmin What I have been trying to do for 20 years is make a different kind of roleplaying system, one where players can use the every aspect of a character to create and expand stories at the table.  Where I always failed was the math and a misguided desire to simulate life with math at the table.   I released StrikeForce and the Conflict System in 2005 and came to the realization I had a lot to learn... Read News

Iron Kingdoms Conflict Game

26-10-2016 | rpiadmin Iron Kingdoms Conflict (A pet project) I love the world of Iron Kingdoms, magic, Steam punk, Gods and normal people at war and Undead threats abound.  I was not as excited about the 3d6 system the base game uses, so I decided to remake the conflict system to work with such a world, and the results have been amazing. By stepping away from my own properties and trying to make the Conflict sy... Read News

Wierd War 1 Game is in full steam

30-11-1999 | rpiadmin login to and join the game.  Once you are in choose a character and feel free to contact me via email.  I will be happy to spend some time with you explaining how roll 20 works and setup your character sheets, and explain how we will be using savage worlds.  So drop me a mail and let's get you setup and playing. ... Read News

Weird War 1 Game Pitch

21-08-2016 | rpiadmin Feel free to forward this on to  other who might  like the idea…   So This is going  to use Savage Worlds Weird War 1 setting.   I am finishing up  characters  that you can take and we can modify to fit your  personal vision.   The plot will be a twilight 2000 scenario in 1916.  A major allied offensive in southern France was interrupted by an attack of undead, werewolv... Read News

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