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Iron Kingdoms Saving a madman


Weird War 1 - A Shattered World

Standalone Games

Standalone Games

Sometimes a game is just a game.  Designed to be fun, challenging, interesting and a game.  These games don't have a larger world to explore or draw upon.  These are games to play and I hope you enjoy them as I did creating them.


The Bad Movie Games

Because a Bad movie can be a whole lot of fun.

Panic: The Bad Scifi movie Board game

Fear: Making Bad Decisions in Horror


Children's Designs

Inspired but my own duaghters, nephew and nieces

Reef: The Ocean Reef Building Game

Dark Prophecies

Party Animals: Do you Have the best moves


Fracture: Don’t Cross Your Opponents Fracture Them


Food Fight: All The Mess=, None of the Cleanup





The Worlds of Role Players INK

The Worlds of Role Players INK


I see worlds in my head all the time:Science Fiction, Fantasy, Crossovers and mists that reveal new worlds all the time in my mind.  The goal of this small company is to share what I can create so others can enjoy them. 

Click on a World below and se if it lights your imagination like it did mine.


The World of StrikeForce


The World of Tal'Serane


The World of Flashpoint


The World of Traitor



World Conquest or Ruin