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Weird War 1 - A Shattered World

A personal note to those who have helped me

So I tend to come up with game ideas all the time.  I also tend to bug my friends as I come up with these ideas.  I have to say I am fortunate in that they actually listen, chuckle and give me awesome advice and ideas.  They are in many ways unsung hero's of the games I have made; making them better.  They have also helped me to create amazing worlds and parts of those worlds.  Below is a list of what these folks have done for me in a hopeless attempt to say thank you.

Mark O.

      Mark helped create Strikeforce.  Every system, every part of the world has been touched and changed by him. He built this world in 3d color; from the balck and white foundations I made.  He created Jensen Dega Arms, a renegade corporation that was as good as it hoped it was.  He created (and breathed life into) Max McPherson one of the greatest character arcs I have ever had the pleasure to GM.  His ability to create a story that forced me to expand the world;  From new cultures, people and entities to aliens and hidden agendas that not only drove the story, but the world.

His support for the first release of StrikeForce was unending, his drive to make me think is always appreciated.  He taught me how to GM better, he taught me stories, he is as much a creator of StrikeForce as I am.

Every day we played MERP, BattleTech, or Strike in college was an adventure beyond description and one day closer to me almost flunking out of school.

Troy A.

       Troy also contributed huge swaths of story and repercussions as his character Fred came to define what a Diaxtron really was in the world of 2126.  Fred was unflappable, and ready to jump into anything.  Of course he would bitch about it later.  Troy also pushed back when I came up with stupid rules, he really did make me think.

Dan S

     Dan is the everlasting skeptic.  I am sure that when Cthulhu rises Dan will mention to him how he could have done it with more power and violence.  I mean this in the best way possible, he is a creator in his own way.  He will talk theory endlessly and push back, to make me see the payers side of the argument.  His ability to see what might be more fun or just make more sense is amazing.  Dan creates characters with amazing stories, not always the great hero.  He is about interesting and always makes my games better.  The Psionics in the Conflict System and StrikeForce are his.  He took a bad and unfinished system and created a system that works not only in the maths, but one that can enhance all the stories at once.  His greatest saying to me was simply this "Use a d100, the numbers better be 1-100, cause otherwise this makes no sense."    

Chris H.

    A friend who can say he has tried every game I have every tried to make (minus some real turds no one saw).  Chris is the player who seizes on an Idea for his character and make sure to exploit every loop hole you have.  This dogged ability to turn rules against me, taught me how to write rules that aid play and players, without making a game unplayable.


     Also tells amazing stories while also finding holes in both the story and the rules.  The Cspy rules and their equipment were inspired by him and many were created by him.  His pragmatic attitude, observations, and the great way he played always made my games better and the system almost work.


     Besides calling bullshit on how my science rules worked, Joe always pushed back on my need to rule by exclusion in my books. It took me 20 years to understand he meant Don't do that!  I look forward to his feed back on my newer games. I also hope to play some of his games soon. Much of the Science in the Conflict system came from his feed back.  The time we spent at pax unplugged was truly awesome.

Tom J.

    There have always been a guy willing to crunch the numbers on my Systems.  The older systems being all maths, this was invaluable to me.  Tom created a dynamic STO character who had a maxed out EXoskeleton and vehicle.  He then started to tweak and create items and systems that exist today.  His character stories expanded the world in many ways and cleaned up the equipment. His ability to churn through the number really helped clean up the games equipment


    Always added cool stories and pushback as well.  His drive to achieve his goals made was part of the inspiration for the current passions/past events system.

Mike O'c

     Created an amazing character in Calvin Thanatos, his characters drive to be more than just a collection a skills, really reflected what I wanted the system to be; not what it was. His contribution was subtle, but very real.

Bob Z.

      Bob taught me to not take my stories and games so serious.  He created a villian like the joker, a clown bent on destroying the UN and Tyrex.  He used the joker in my World and I did not even see it till years later.  His unique play style and ability to make my rules work better for him, showed me as a designer that a wide open ruleset is not a bad thing.

Tim O'c

      Tim showed me that not all players will know the rules, or care about them.  They want to play the story and will follow the rules, but you have to give them the cue they need.  He helped understand how simplified single cheat pages are key to any game for all players.  He also created characters that would always be on the fringe, but real hero's when the chips were down.

Mike P.

     Another one of those brave fellows who jumped head first into the math of the many systems and games I have created.  His drive to get vehicle design numbers to make sense and then my character gen, creating crazy characters with amazing abilities ( a 70 year old who finally gets into a strikeforce).  Just great at adding to stories and always willing to do something crazy to make the story better.

John B.

     Always willing to call me on a bad rule and suggest that I am going ion the wrong direction, John also created characters that draw the interest of the bad guys.  He sired a child with a main bad women, and then led the fight to destroy her. John is always happy to listen and always happy to do something that sends your story and rules sideways.  He was the player who got a 25000 attack in Rev A and let me see the problems, which have been solved.

Randy H.

     Another person who helped me almost flunk out,  Randy was always happy to play my games and then tell me; that's not good or that's awesome.  He also was a friend who pushed me to play, GM, and all around do better.  Like mark he has always offered help when needed and schooled me on these business side things that need to be learned.  He is a true friend.


    Another player who took my science rules and pushed them till they broke.  He also did the same for my stories and was a critical part of wrecking several of my main foils plans.  He also loves to create characters that drive stories and can do things I never would have thought of. His contributions to the rules and simple design of the new system cannot be quantified; just appreciated.


     While many of the people on this list have played my games and given me feedback on my games, ron is the one who suffered the most.  I would go on forever about changes and ideas, ways to do X or drop Y to get Z.  And yet he is not a playtester.  He will play my games when he can, but usually we play other games not mine.  Yet still he hears and comments as best he can on my many crazy (and many would say unending) ideas.


    Willing to talk game design when ever there is time.  Always willing to play a role to the hilt, no matter how silly he ends up looking.  His insight to rules and how players react is priceless and deep.  Many of the changes to my strategy board game came from his observations.  I have to say Pash is one of the funniest characters I have ever had in a group.  Ben has made a huge impact in how I play, design, and GM.


    While I had to drag Paul into playing my RPG, it was the start of amazing stories and feedback.  Paul is a player who always plays for the full stakes.  He gives nothing back to the GM and that makes me, as a GM and a Designer, work harder to give him reasons to take those risks.  His insight to rules and playing a character to the hilt always throws me into a tizzy.  He invests in his characters totally.  Killing 100 upper level managers in Krosensky to teach them a lesson or playing a seeking force user willing to do anything to find jedi relics just show how he always drives his story, taking the rest of us with him.  Its a joy to play with him.

 My Kids

     Who suffer perhaps more than Ron, because they spend more time with me and stuff just spits out of my mouth.  I cannot say how proud I am of them all, those words are not invented yet.  They have played so many games with me, mine and others, told so many stories and given me such great ideas.  They listen to so many of my bad ideas and reply with good ones.  The Battle for South America in the first ever game of Flashpoint will go down in infamy, 2 sisters just fighting a war cause they were sisters.  The pinnacle of their help was when we as group recreated Lord of the Rings to The Breathright Strip of Doom, which incorporated a full 31 piece mariachi band as the Fellowship.  It was awesome.  So Proud of them all.

Sean Patrick Fannon

    First person I ever met who was actually successful as a game designer.  There are lots, he was just the first one I ever met.  His knowledge and abilities, his passion and love for gaming is unending and inspiring.  I would not have kickstarted without his example. With his help I believe I can get my games out to the world.

Chris P.

     Another Player who took my rules and made things that should have been broken.  Yet with his help the system grew, changing to contain and thrive on the amazing ideas he has.  His push on how growth and a characters developing made it better, made it a real system.

Dan W.

     Has been willing to listen to the design changes and stuck with the game through all its crazy changes.  His input has been so helpful, while at the same time I am challenged to create adventures and situations, that may not hurt his character; but sure do challenge him and the stories he brings to the table

Andy A.

     Always willing to try something unexpected, Andy does a fantastic applying my rules and showing me where there are holes or confusing descriptions. His characters are always interesting and add so much fun to the game.


     Always willing to listen to changes and helped distill the old system into a list that showed me lots of issues and holes.  He added a lot even with only a few ideas; it was a fun collaboration that I value.


     A player who came in as the system was finally jelling.  Even with one last change he was able to take the rule set read it and use it like a published system.  He also gives me the highest complement when he uses the system like I designed it; announcing his skillsets and how he came to find them.   His praise that my system is in his top ten is a source of pride for me.


  Jay is a new role player.  I just met him and he not only jumped in, he jumped in feet first while holding a metric ton of new game books.  He is so excited to play and willing to do anything in a game.  Where other jaded players would pause, he is Leroy Jenkins.  He does things fearlessly regardless of the rules, he thrives on the stories.  His being a newbie has resulted in great questions that have helped me see my rules in new ways.  He makes me smile when he does crazy stuff and complains when it does not go quite his way.

To everyone else, and I am sure there are many, THANK YOU.  Everything came together.  I am in a better place and making better games because of you all.

Thanx to you all, again.

Lee Kamberos