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Iron Kingdoms An Ancient Dark Awakens


Weird War 1 - A Shattered World

Prowlers and Paragions Kickstarter

Today I want to throw out my full support for my friend Sean Pattrick Fannons kickstarter for Prowlers and Paragons Ultimate edition. 

I love games, especially Role Playing Games, and Sean is a very talented and thoughtful designer.  He designs games that you play the BIG DAMN HERO.  Prowlers lets you play Hero's who are larger than life, capable of amazing things and telling even more amazing stories.

The world and what the game system lets you play out a story that brings your character and their opposition in comic book style.  The options available to players to create a character in their minds eye are awesome, if you can think of it this game can create that hero.

So check out the Kickstarter and don't forget the world needs HEROS...