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Iron Kingdoms An Ancient Dark Awakens


Weird War 1 - A Shattered World

Prologue -- New Pieces On the Board

Deuce had left the Free City of Paravon, obviously in a hurry (not the first time), just a few moments ahead of the City Guard.  The woman had betrayed him; and done it with style.  Her wedding to the duke was days away now, duce under suspicion of theft and a posible murder.  Deuce had to grin, she had played him like a

fiddle, using his play on her past  to draw the Duke into love.  Duce laughed as he plunged deeper into the forest east of the City, driven to escape and explore the rumors of a dead castle deep in the forest.  Finding some loose treasure or some sellable magic items, that would turn this week around.

Bor'grin had left the Karak, and his family name, in disgrace. His transgrasion into the arms of Khorne too much for even his mother to forgive.  Haunted by the death of his sergant at his hands, or khornes who could tell?  The memory was one of blood and rage, death and the horror of what he had done.  He had taken the mantle of Troll Slayer with glee, seeing it as the onkly way to redeem his dwarven honor and his families name.  Moving west he had heard of a ruined castle in the forests, hoping that monsters there could deliver him an honorable death.

As a new apprentice in the College of Flame, as the students called it, he felt something was amiss, that his teachers focused on his actions too much.  When his Mentor had called him into the room of tables he was drawn to the larger Red table and he was sure his mentor had seen his eyes as they were drawn to it.    He shook his head dismissing the memory, rather focusng on the old trail his master had told him of before he sent him out to grow in the real world.  In the distance he saw a crumbled spire, and a vision of the table appeared unbidden to his mind.  The table and its hidden meaning excited and frightened him all at once, it being the key reason he was huddled out of the colledge and sent to the spot the table had marked for him.   He moved towards the spire.

The spray of the sea hit his fine elven features in a vain attempt to mar him, failing every time.  The failures of his past were forgiven, it was not his fault his best friend had gone over to the Dark elves.  It one night of horrible choices; he had tried to save Athlenos, but the lure of power and blood had ended with the death of his families chamberlin and one of their ships.  Now 6 months later that lost ship had been found in Bretonia, beeched and wrecked.  His father had asked him what he wanted to do, 6 months after being forced out of the Academy, 6 months of stares and wispers, his fiother offered him a chance to redeem his position and repay his families beliefe in him.  As he stepped on to the Bretonian shore, he felt that destiny was with him and Athlenos and his bride would be ended at the tip of a blade wielded by him.

"You know driving these players alone will task even you Sigmar" she was slight, beautiful in a simple way and a goddess of sympathy and healing.  Sigmar looked at Shallya, shaking his head "Chaos martials its forces, it drives my Empire in dark ways.  We must intervene somehow, without breaking the veil.  I see much potential in these Players.  They might tip the balance and stay chaos for a time.  I have to try."  Shallya smiled "I agree, the pain and suffereing will be great if chaos is not stopped, I will see if I can find a way to help you shoulder this burden"  As she walked away, a wolf howled in the distance.  Ulrich welcomed chaos and its war, he thirsted fot the blood of chaos, he would have nothing to do with stoping the war.

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