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Iron Kingdoms An Ancient Dark Awakens


Weird War 1 - A Shattered World

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I see worlds in my head all the time, mists in my mind part and reveal new worlds, new challenges, new stories and Heros. In High School, a long long time ago, I started making games and by extension worlds for those games.  The first was called Air Strike and then another called Mission Code Blue.  These became Strikeforce:2136 which inspired the world of Tal'Vavar (The Last City) and stories for my kids. Which inspired the world of Fallen Humanity.  The Cycle continues as I create worlds for card games, board games, and a role playing games.

Since the beginning I have tried to create a role playing system that reflects my belief that worlds and the characters  inspire players to create more amazing stories at the table.  The problem is that the dice stop the story in many systems.  Other systems let the story grow beyond what the character normally should be able to do.  Its the delicate balance of mechanics (or crunch) and their link to the story, world, and character that I have tried link.  Narrate something about your character and gain mechanical bonuses.  Don't let the roll of a die or dice stop your story.  The final version of the Conflict System does this.  Hit the detailed page for more detail and the base tool set for using it.   

Conflict RPG System

My goal is to share what I create so others can enjoy so other can create amazing stories. 


Click on a World below and see if it lights your imagination like it did mine.

 The World of StrikeForce

Adventure in a world of technology that allows any creative use.  A world united in a Conflict to bring human society to a new society, The Phoenix Society.  This is a human society that can survive any threat, internal or external.  The United Nations drives this using the System and its planning groups.  Create characters whos every move is watched by the system as they find their way to defend their passions and become legends.

The World of Salinar

Fantasy Role Play in a World covered in Arcane power.  Seven tribes and their gods work to find their place in one of 3 Brights (ages). magical Giants and Drakes determined to wreck the tribes and their Gods.  Tell stories that link directly to a Characters Legend, rasing the stakes and power. Salinar is a World of adventure and legend. 


The World of Flashpoint


The World of Traitor


The World of Fallen Humanity