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Iron Kingdoms An Ancient Dark Awakens


Weird War 1 - A Shattered World

Zombie Golf gets a Redesign

Feedback from the play testers was clear, make the golf faster so we can kill zombies.  I did want the golf to keep the feel and frustration, so I came upon the solution to use even odds and re-rolls.  You move from zone to zone, tee to fairway/hazard, to the green.   You roll evens to stay on the fairway, odds you hit a hazard.  Players get a mulligan (re-rolls pick the best) or penalty (re-roll pick the worst).  Players have abilities that trigger based on the roll.  
Bags gets a set ability while clubs have a limited number of golf and zombie re-rolls.  So the game is faster, almost no math, and killing zombies is harder and  breaking clubs can happen more often.

The result is a game that is even more fun.  The files are done and I should have the first 2 copies of the new version in a week or 2.  Then the full court press to get the word out and re-kickstart in a few months.  Zombie Golf is not done, its getting better with age.

So look for more info soon...