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Iron Kingdoms An Ancient Dark Awakens


Weird War 1 - A Shattered World

Zombie Golf Who is the Best Golfer of the Apocalypse

Who is the best golfer of the Apocalypse?
This is a question never asked until now, and it’s one we can now answer. It speaks to both the kind of person and what type of golfer
you are. Even if you have never golfed before, this game will show you the amazing feeling of a solid hit to the green or a zombie’s
skull. Be warned... nine short holes can turn deadly when a herd appears or people’s swings start missing. How you play and the
choices you make matter


Zombie Golf gets a Redesign

Feedback from the play testers was clear, make the golf faster so we can kill zombies.  I did want the golf to keep the feel and frustration, so I came upon the solution to use even odds and re-rolls.  You move from zone to zone, tee to fairway/hazard, to the green.   You roll evens to stay on the fairway, odds you hit a hazard.  Players get a mulligan (re-rolls pick the best) or penalty (re-roll pick the worst).  Players have abilities that trigger based on the roll.  
Bags gets a set ability while clubs have a limited number of golf and zombie re-rolls.  So the game is faster, almost no math, and killing zombies is harder and  breaking clubs can happen more often.

The result is a game that is even more fun.  The files are done and I should have the first 2 copies of the new version in a week or 2.  Then the full court press to get the word out and re-kickstart in a few months.  Zombie Golf is not done, its getting better with age.

So look for more info soon...

More successful Zombie Golf Playtesting

As the Kickstarter comes up on the calendar here are some updates on the project and its growth

I was at Board Game Republic in Denver on Sunday.  I was able to play a full game (3 holes) and got some amazing feedback; which has led to a better game.... 


The player cards are busy and hard to read

The clubs should be separate cards

Result new player and bag cards (with abilities more on that in a sec)


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