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Iron Kingdoms An Ancient Dark Awakens


Weird War 1 - A Shattered World

The Wreckage Wars

The Wreckage Wars

Who will Determine Humanities Future?

It is 2055. Humanities future is dark and uncertain. The global economy collapsed on May 12, 2050; destroying the world as we knew it. All markets collapsed. Banks, insurance, Corporations and governments all failed in waves. Nothing Governments did could slow the carnage or stop the collapse.  Corporations collapsed or merged into new ones, while trying to expand into new markets and industries. Conflicts and wars broke out across the globe over resources, land, and tribal conflicts that festered and left death and bloodshed. 

The Wreck, as it was called by the media, was caused by 3 major issues; Populations becoming more tribal, corrupt, and less educated.  Resource depletion and growing demand of the first and second world economies; usually at the expense of the rest of the world needs.  Lastly worsening climate disasters, believed by many (but not all) to be driven by man made climate change.  The wreck of financial and trade markets caused many conflicts between Nations and Corporations looking to rebuild in voids left by collapsing governments and revolts.  The world situation quickly overwhelmed the UN; it bankrupted as member states pulled out of the accord or ceased to exist. The need for an neutral forum for states to negotiate did not disappear; so corporations and the remaining Super Powers created the International Trade Forums (ITF).  The ITF combined the monetary powers of the International Monetary Find and the UN into an organization with the power to monitor the world economy; while letting the major players do the work they required for their interests. The dollar was replaced as a reserve currency by International Trade Units. The ITU was backed by US, EU, South American, OPEC, Japanese and Chinese currencies; a complex blockchain formula giving the markets a foundation to rebuild. The ITF manages the ITU, but has little power unless the Super Powers want it to.  This unstable global environment continues to drive conflicts across the Globe.     

The Global State

The Worlds Population

The changing faces of the worlds Democracies, driven by angry populations, false social media, and a period of increased economic and military adventurism.  Asia's major theaters drive alliances throughout Asia, Asia minor, and Africa.  North American nations and companies drive growth with business alliances and market manipulation, protected by administrations driven by profit at the highest levels.
Europe drifts between a neo colonialism in the east, while butting heads with Chinese and Middle East interests throughout the region.  Rogue Nations (like Iran, North Korea, and an emboldened Pakistan) sow dissent and discord throughout their various regions.  The Middle East and South America saw more aggressive and militaristic polices created as small conflicts in Gaza, Kasmir, northern Africa, Central America, and the South China Sea expanded into major wars.  All nations struggle to feed their people and create good jobs; while wealth pooled at the top.  Education funding fell and populations become more tribal and angry. every day the world seems a little more dangerous.

The Worlds Resources

Numerous scientific breakthroughs in the 2020 and 2030's drove increases in high tech resource demand while driving wild market fluctuations in traditional industrial resources and commodities. This instability in global markets; unchanged by G20, G8, UN and IMF actions, saw the world economies experience numerous conflicts and crashes.  Science seems to always find a way to expand the resources humanities needs, but the cost grows every time.  The unstable and manipulated markets contribute more and more to the conflicts that flare up around the globe.

The Worlds Climate

Climate effects; from large scale droughts in every country, the collapse of the rain forests in South America, violent storms (including increased hurricane / typhoon activity), and the break off of large ice bergs, further challenged national aims, corporate goals, and populations just trying to stay ahead. Climate is a constant source of debate and conflict even after the Wreck.  When water shortages, droughts, massive damage from storms and the continued depletion of helium and other common resources leads to expansions in tensions and conflicts.

The World Situation

Its been 5 years since the start of the wreck.  The world stands on the brink. The world looks for a leader r a group of nations to lead them out of the wreckage.  You lead a Super Power; using your abilities, resources, and currency to increase your Diplomatic, Covert or Military influence to either make alliances, conquer your enemies, or fail and see the world fall to ruin.
Save the World, Conquer the World, or Ruin it Forever.