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Iron Kingdoms An Ancient Dark Awakens


Weird War 1 - A Shattered World

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Join RolePlayersink for a Live solo demo of Zombie Golf and a Q&A session on the game the expansions and what RPI is up to.

4:30 MST 30 minutes of Zombie Golf


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What can I say, IK expected the approval to take longer than 30 seconds.  The submit for review came back in 30 seconds and then there was this button. 


Push me to launch.. So I did

We are Live tell the world and lets get funded.

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As the Kickstarter comes up on the calendar here are some updates on the project and its growth

I was at Board Game Republic in Denver on Sunday.  I was able to play a full game (3 holes) and got some amazing feedback; which has led to a better game.... 


The player cards are busy and hard to read

The clubs should be separate cards

Result new player and bag cards (with abilities more on that in a sec)


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Zombie Golf:  All the Frustration of Golf; All the Satisfaction of Killing Zombies!  

On April first everyone who ever dreamed of golfing during a zombie apocalypse will have that wish answered.  Zombie Golf will Kickstart bringing everyone the chance to golf 3, 6, or 9 holes while fighting off a zombie horde.  Better yet, when you do amazing things on the golf course you get trophies to help you win.

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Kickstarter on April 1st. 2019

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A little story of an unplanned CON...

So I went to PAX Unplugged this year thanx to the urging of a friend, and it was a good call.  I went to several panels hosted by folks in every aspect of the industry, from CEO's of large companies to small Kickstarter based ones.  one of the things they all said was make your first Kickstarter product one that's easy to fulfil orders.  Such a product lets you complete the kickstarter successfully, even when you hit the inevitable bump or road block.  
I took these words to heart, I want my first kickstarter to be as big a success as my last one, I want to do this right so everyone who wants to can play my games.  So after discussions and game playing with my friends, a decision was made.   Rather than kickstart Panic: The Bad SciFi Movie Board Game first, which had lots of parts and complexities from a fulfillment perspective, it made sense to kickstart Zombie Golf first.  So Below is a card and some info about zombie golf.

Zombie golf is a card/dice game based on this simple premise:

All the Frustration of Golf.  All the Satisfaction of Killing Zombies.

Up to 4 Players are on a golf course playing 3 ,6, or 9 holes, while being attacked by zombies after every swing.  The goal is to win the bet: Who is the best golfer in the apocalypse. 

There are 4 types of zombies; Walkers, Shamblers, Runners and Biters, each with their own special way to mess up your golf game.  When you hit into a hazard you gain frustration, too much and you quit.  To many wounds and you quit.  Yet there are trophies for the longest drive, holes in one, first on the green and winning the hole.  These trophies help your golf game and lower your frustration so you can win the bet, and be the best golfer in the zombie apocalypse.
More articles and such coming soon, but for now here is a picture of the Brenda zombie...      


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Zombie Golf

All the Frustration of Golf, All the Satisfaction of Killing Zombies

So after PAX Unplugged I was super motivated to start a project I have had on my desk for months in index card form.

The idea is simple; the end of the world is here.  A nuclear accident caused a mutation in the avian flu, making people and parts of the environment zombies and zombie like.   You and your friends have a standing bet on who is the best golfer and this is your last shot, winner takes the title.  So you grabbed your clubs, losing some in the rush, and met them at Demon Sands Country Club for a quick 9 holes.

So simple game using cards and a single d12.  You take a swing, advance your ball up the map of the hole (avoiding hazards) and then the zombies attack.  4 types of zombies, Walkers, Shamblers, Runners, and Biters.  The first 3 do wounds, the last turns you into a zombie and out of the game.   You roll the D12, add you position on the hole, club and card bonuses to get to the green, or land in hazard.  Once on the green you roll the d12 and have to be within 2 of the putting number, using any card or club bonuses.

First player to win a majority of holes, first to putt in wins.  You can also play for score for a longer game.

That's it a simple game; so I started creating cards...  Here are the first testers..  Enjoy.

Hole #1 The Devils Turn (Par 4)

Player Card

and of course a Zombie