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Iron Kingdoms An Ancient Dark Awakens


Weird War 1 - A Shattered World

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As the Kickstarter comes up on the calendar here are some updates on the project and its growth

I was at Board Game Republic in Denver on Sunday.  I was able to play a full game (3 holes) and got some amazing feedback; which has led to a better game.... 


The player cards are busy and hard to read

The clubs should be separate cards

Result new player and bag cards (with abilities more on that in a sec)


Another suggestion was to find ways to speed up the game and make the zombie fights change up. 

The addition of Abilities on the player and bag cards help players with combat or golf actions. We also cleaned up the cards so they are easier to read and use.

We also have special events in the Zombie deck, here are a few of the new cards:

Allows a player to win a hole from the tees, fairway or chipping

The Monstrosity card adds more zombies and makes a current zombie an even more dangerous opponent.


There are more new cards and I will talk about those in a later post, but Zombie Golf is Coming to Kickstarter April 1st so be ready.