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Iron Kingdoms An Ancient Dark Awakens


Weird War 1 - A Shattered World

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Zombie Golf:  All the Frustration of Golf; All the Satisfaction of Killing Zombies!  

On April first everyone who ever dreamed of golfing during a zombie apocalypse will have that wish answered.  Zombie Golf will Kickstart bringing everyone the chance to golf 3, 6, or 9 holes while fighting off a zombie horde.  Better yet, when you do amazing things on the golf course you get trophies to help you win.

What is involved with golfing in the apocalypse?  Everything you need is in the base set.  

    9 holes complete with hazards, including grabber grass, brain trees, blood sand and the horrible zombie swamps.
    4 golfers to choose from all with varying skill, toughness, and frustration.  Who will win the game?  The golfer with the best skill or the best ability to keep their calm?
    4 Types of zombies, Biters ( the slowest), Shamblers (faster), Runners (Fastest), and Biters (the most dangerous).  Every swing you have to fight a zombie, the more you miss the larger the Horde grows.  Hope you don't break a club!

Zombie golf has alternate ways to win,  switch out dice, and planned expansions include New courses to play on, new monsters as the apocalypse expands, new golfers, and an expansion that brings the neighborhood into the game.  
Re-playability is high because every game draws different and the rolls simply increase the frustration.

Checkout Kickstarter on April 1st, lets get this funded and as many stretch goals as we can.