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Weird War 1 - A Shattered World

Designer Diaries - Panic Playtest Weekend

2 Play Tests Weekend

Play Test 1: Saturday

So on Saturday I was able to play Panic with a buddy, we'll call him Ron (its his name), and his son Sean.  Sean wanted to watch us play so it was my first 2 player game with the new design.  It went awesome.  Ron won with 78 minutes or Screen time to my 68, he won with 2 excellent moves, 1 I had sabotaged a scene to a 50+ target.  Sean rolled for Ron and got a 37 on 1 die.  Then He rerolled 2 dice using his special skill, and got 17 more Plus the 6 he had just what he needed to get 15 minutes for the scene and killing a virus.  The second thing Ron did was ending the game early using the Self Destruct special effect.  I sabotaged the scene to only a 30, he rolled well and made it, then rolled to try and end the game this turn, rolled a 9 (2d10) and re-rolled again, getting a 14 and ending the game after my last scene.  I failed that roll (it was ugly highest die was 6 after the re-roll of 4 dice).  

So Ron came out ahead and was the star of the show.

Things I learned from this play test:

1) Lower the scene and virus card counts for a 2 player game

2) Any scene with a virus always flips at least one infection card

3) the exploding d10 are really fun

4) The game took 90 minutes, including setup

5) Certain scenes should give you options, for example science scenes let you do science stuff without props.

6) Reaction to SFX should require a roll, to see if a slower person would have a chance to effect a virus or other character.


Play Test 2: Sunday

My daughter Mallory played a 2 player game with me on Sunday.  This was a very different game, we used the lower deck sizes for the Virus and Scene cards.  Then we started and I became a Phantom player from the first turn, I took 35 infection in my first scene.  So It was a successful scene, but I was still turned into a virus. 

So every turn I was trying to sabotage Mallory, and she kept rolling exploding dice and winning scenes.  Meanwhile I managed to re-cut one scene, for a 10 minute scene, as well as close off 6 scene locations and remove a Prop token.  Yet it was all in vain she rolled what she needed, getting more and more screen time, leaving me with not enough cards to re-cut a scene.   So I lost, 59 minutes of screen time to 163 minutes (The current highest score).  It was fun, fast and also lasted 90 minutes with a normal end, no scene locations left.

Mallory counting her 163 screen time

My daughters Final heroic Speech (worth 30 minutes of screen time) is below, it's pretty classic.

Heroic Speech


Things I learned from this play test:

1) If an attack does double the wounds of a virus, player choice to flip an Infection card

2) The game is more fun if players can do more, so I added the option of Acting Players being able to research out of a scene (creating immunites), all players can play SFX outside of a Scene.  This lets phantom player do more to get some bonus screen time.

3) Line cards can be used on any characters in the game, including the viruses

4) Phantom players should also be able to discard infection cards, 1 for 2 I think, to make fights more dangerous.


Both playtests were great and really exposed some good ideas to make the game more fun and faster. 

I found no major flaws and some nice tweaks; I see the end of the road on this design.  Onto Manufacturing costs and creating a Kickstarter video; after a few more playtests.