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A List of all Games RPI is running on Roll 20.

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Iron Kingdoms An Ancient Dark Awakens


Weird War 1 - A Shattered World

Some updates on other RPI Products

While Zombie Golf is the focus for the next week (and hopefully beyond) Here are some updates on our other products.

Zombie Golf

Check out the kickstarter now!

FlashPoint (New name in process)

I received the new game pieces from 3d game gear for the Strategy Board Game (once called FlashPoint).  We are working on a new title (since there is a very popular board game with that name already)  Look for a poll in the next few weeks. on that.  In the mean time a couple of pictures on the pieces of this game, where the players choices can Save, Ruin, or Conquer the planet.  The game has economic, political, military options for technology and gaining allies; a game that lets you play in a world on the brink.

The Mushroom Clouds are Global Power markers, use one in a theater and you risk good or bad things.  You don't get to look, till after you resolve the theater.

 Panic The Bad Sci Fi movie Board game

I have been working on the "Party Mode" for panic.  This is using the base game without the board.  It removes the tactical feel and choices; bringing the acting and the sabotage to the front.  Its called the Table Read, Players use cards, roll for how many cards/actions they can play and do a scene.  The rest of the rules Stay the same.  Other players sabotage you to stop your success, roll the dice.  Do 3 to 5 rounds, person with the most scenes wins.  So playtesting of this should be in the next few weeks.  Here is a rough picture of the new viruses.

Conflict System

We are tweaking a few things on the growth side, but the RPG main system is done.  The System now tops out at 40.  Player choice is the main driver, the dice simply change those choices.  Here is an image we are playing with to generate interest.

 The first released world will be Traitor V3, followed by StrikeForce, Legends of the Empire, and Resurgence.  no time lines yet.  Still lots to do. 



Food Fight

Food Fight at High School High

All the Seniors at High School High are planning a food fight.  The science club has documented all the ammo and sent downloads to Everyone's Pod Caster device.  The Mashed potatoes are ready, the hot sauce and the jelly doughnuts are ripe and the teachers are unaware.  SMS messages send you advantages from using a Freshman to defend yourselves or getting caught by the principal, or finding new clothes in the teachers lounge.

At the thrid bell the fight starts and only one can be left standing.

So come and pick Joe Fotbul, Polly Pretty, Kurt Nice guy or any one the other stereo typical high school tropes as they toss ketchup other condiments and food to disgust their opponents and driving them from the cafeteria.

So come play Food Fight: The Card Game - All the Mess  None of the Cleanup.



Don’t Cross Your Opponents
                                Fracture Them

Players compete to place 5 cards in a row, before their opponents use Card powers or the power of their fracture cards to destroy their winning lines.

Each player makes a blind pick of a colored deck of fracture cards and then builds lines of cards upon their foundations.  Players use their card powers to slow or stop their opponents while they complete a line of 5 cards all in the same direction.

Fracture cards allow a player to break an opponents line before they finish it, each player has 4 and when they are gone they are gone