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Iron Kingdoms An Ancient Dark Awakens


Weird War 1 - A Shattered World

A New Day Dawns

So the Zombie Golf Kickstarter did not fund.  Kinda Sucks! 

Yet its a good start for better things.  I learned a lot, I made the game better, faster, stronger and I did not have to spend 6 million dollars.  tongue-out

So here is the RPI Plan going forward, I am sharing this so you know its coming together, not fading away.

1) The primary reason we did fund was getting the word out.  I did not lay the ground work as well as I could have.  We need reviews, we need live plays on the web, we need lots of posts.  We need to release games in other channels, so people see the products we have and want to see more.  That started today.

2) The Conflict RPG System has always been an important part of what I want to get out to the world.  The system works now, better than ever and like no other system out there.  We need to start releasing games and adventures that show what this system can do.  Its different.  Its player empowering. Its mechanically narrative; the mechanics and the character sheet allow a narrative that the mechanics support.  This is a game where a failed roll is the start of what you do not the end.  So look for games from Conflict system very soon.

3) I have other board games that need to be finished and start floating them out to the world, exposing themselves to you all. In a good way.  Getting folks talking and playing my games. 

4) Food Fight and Fracture are available today, just nobody knows it.  So getting them exposure and time on the web is a key thing I can do to boost the RPI brand.

5) looking at a patreon, as a way to get people excited and create a pool of playtesters.  The time has come to really expand our footprint and show our vision for games to the world.

So that is what we are doing today, look for more updates musings on games and player choice.  We are not done, we are starting.

Thanx for your time