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Hello Golfers! Great news..

I bring you greetings and excitement at a breakthrough.

First we are almost to 1000 dollars and while 15k is way down that fairway, I am excited to say we have a handicap.  We can make it.  Yesterday i was at a design meeting where other designers played Zombie Golf.  This group was not hard core gamers and the excellent feedback on what they wanted from the game really got me thinking about the mechanics of golf (in the game and the real world) and what I could do to improve the game.

They wanted the golf to be even faster.  Major points were stopping to look at the hole position and choosing bonuses based on that position was adding time to the golf side of the game.  All Jenna wanted to do was get to the zombies, and she wanted the golfing portion to have an impact on the zombie side.  Ralph wanted cleaner holes to speed up figuring out the final number.  All said the rules on the card needed to be cleaner and simplifying the math would benefit the game.

Great feedback that stuck in my brain! Last night and tonight a Hole Card was born. Its sleek, has fewer numbers and its cleaner.   Your golf swing adds nothing from the hole. You move from tee rings to fairway or hazard rings.  Some rings actually make you draw more zombie cards; choices without math. So here is the first of 9 (good news easier to make than the old design too).

I did a test hole with Mike Stacks, had 2 fairway lands and 2 hazards, then I chipped on and 2 putted. In 8 minutes, picking only my club and swing bonuses plus the die. So its  good day. I hope to have another play video using these new holes in the next day or so. Keep on talking up the project, I am sure with a push from us all we can meet the goal and fund zombie golf. 

So this small change promises to make the game as a whole better, more fun and easier to play.

Please check out the kickstarter and pledge so we can all see who is the best golfer of the apocalypse.