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Iron Kingdoms An Ancient Dark Awakens


Weird War 1 - A Shattered World

The Dark Crystal Board Game Downloads

My last article was about making this the board game it should have been, an EPIC STORY.  These downloads are the second version of these rules, expanded after a few playtests.  The idea of these rules is to give the Gelflings more control over Thra and the wilds around them. 

Thra A Living World of Danger

Aughras Observatory comes out when the Gelflings are able to create the right conditions, and they have new powers to help them explore the world and experience real adventures using the world cards. The Wise ones can help even from a distance, while Kyra's knowledge of Thra lets her change the board, and increase the chance that the Observatory can be revealed.

Powerful Skeksis

The Skeksis have new powers to stop the Gelflings, while also being able to fight to be Emperor as the game continues.  They also can influence challenges from afar, making it harder for the Gelflings at every turn.

Epic Combat and Escapes

Combat is no longer a grueling roll fest, you roll once and the winner determines the outcome.  A winning Gelfling can choose to escape rather than fight, expanding their knowledge of Thra.  An escape can lead to amazing adventures and challenges

While the Skeksis can use the capture of a Gelfing to try to become emperor and stop the Gelflings and the end game is now a dangerous fight.

The End Game is now one that leads to divided Skeksis having the choice to fight or unite.  The Gelflings have the opportunity to leap to the crystal and end the game avoiding the Skeksis and combat.

The Game is now an epic story with strategy and powers that give players choices, and its FREE!

Use these links and download the new cards and expanded rules:


How I finally came to understand workplacement or how I finally learned to play Forbidden Stars

Very easy to play and miss the elegance

There are amazing games out there.  You want to design games, Play someone else and GROK (read stranger in a strange land) why they built it the way they did.  So I have played Forbidden Stars several times, solo and with others.  Its a fun game where you place action tokens,  but the order of play can be interrupted by other players.   The placement of these tokens and when they activate changes the game and your options as the game moves forward.  One play by another player can make your next move worthless, depending on what happens in a sector.  This means each player has to have a plan.  Its an interesting and amazing design that drives player choices and interactions.  It also means that when players interact or their plans go awry they have to try to adjust and interact with the other players.  These things and the high level of player interaction is what the last play through of flashpoint was missing.  

What went wrong.....

The placement of the agents in theaters, AFTER a rigid flow of income, tech research, and other steps means the players rarely interact.   The control tokens slow down the acquiring of allies, while the game moves on. 

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