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A List of all Games RPI is running on Roll 20.

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Iron Kingdoms An Ancient Dark Awakens


Weird War 1 - A Shattered World

The Worlds of Role Players INK

The Worlds of Role Players INK


I see worlds in my head all the time:Science Fiction, Fantasy, Crossovers and mists that reveal new worlds all the time in my mind.  The goal of this small company is to share what I can create so others can enjoy them. 

Click on a World below and se if it lights your imagination like it did mine.


The World of StrikeForce


Legends of the Empire - The World of Salinar

Fantasy Role Play in a World covered in Arcane power.  Seven tribes and their gods work to find their place in one of 3 Brights (ages). magical Giants and Drakes determined to wreck the tribes and their Gods.  Tell stories that link directly to a Characters Legend, rasing the stakes and power. Salinar is a World of adventure and legend. 


The World of Flashpoint


The World of Traitor


The World of Fallen Humanity