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Weird War 1 - A Shattered World

Designer Diary -- Panic Pre BETA Testing

Through the Fires of Failure

Panic: The Bad Sci fi Movie Game has had several play tests this last month, but the original game was created way back in 2003.  Huge Board, it was a tactical fighting game, with people doing funny lines.  My first play test with a friend and his wife resulted with the comment "it was fun but I was not sure why I was killing the viruses?"
I was back at it trying to resolve the tactical nature of the game with the funny lines and the virus player mechanic for a few years.  Then I had another play test at GhengisCon in Denver a few years ago; with   myself, a very savvy  woman player, and 2 teenagers.  
After the setup the kids had created a pod with like 20 viruses inside and both chose to start there.  The Woman went first, being a very savvy gamer, use a gas line explosion to kill everyone in the pod, game basically over, as there were not enough viruses for the virus players to win.   Back. To. Drawing. Board.
The last play before the current version was with some very old friends, all pretty savvy and hardcore board gamers.  This was just shortly after my dads passing so I was a wreck any way.   The result was the mixed failure that inspired the redesign we have today.  They came back with "tactical was not fun, the lines and the killing viruses was,  virus players still had too few options, and yet it was still really fun"  The same feedback came from a group of players at a Monday Night Savages meetup a year ago.  I had not done enough to move away from the tactical nature and the goals of the virus players needed to be the same as the other players, or you have 2 games with  2 sets of players, the virus players doing tactical things and not lines and the stuff that made the game fun.
These play tests, and the comments of the many players who tried it, drove the changes to panic becoming a fun (sometimes silly) game of player sabotage while trying to save the world and looking good for the camera. So

This weekend I hope to run 2 play tests, at least one artist commissioned, next week looking into manufacturing costs.

To get more details on the major changes check out the Panic: The Bad Scifi Movie Game Design Detail page.

Thanx for taking the time to check us out.   

Design Diaries -- Panic the Bad SciFi Move Game

The First Redesign of Panic Has Started

So had the first live play test of Panic.  It  went very well! We had a 3rd grader and 2 other adults playing 1 of the Doctor roles and 3 military roles.  I won the game with 75 minutes of screen time as a phantom player.  Second place went to the third grader with 55. 

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RolePlayersInk New site is Broadcasting

Yes Folks we are back.  After several attempts we have new games and a new website. 


The Design Pipeline is full and we will be releaseing some PDFs soon, along with potential kickstarters in the future.


Like us and get ready for some fun.

A long journey to back to the start; yet very different Pt 3

Ever play a game and have your players walk out talking about their plans for character build? "I am gonna add the dual weapons feat next level so I a can wield 2 short swords, cause its cool!" Players are not nearly as excited about getting to Skill Level 10 or moving up to a d8 in an attribute as they are about adding spells or feats; stuff they can do.  To me as a player or GM there is nothing cooler than getting (or giving) that magic sword or the points for the abilities they want; all so players can do more at the table and change the story their way.  That's what this long journey of re-re-re-re-re-re......writing conflict made me see.  So here is the end result of my journey; not everyone will like this, but its mine.

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A long journey to back to the start; yet very different Pt2

So last post I talked about the old guard games where character build was somewhat disconnected from the resolution system.  This had the benefit of allowing players more build control, to make the character they wanted,  without changing the odds in a  real way.  That changed, players wanted their build to have  an effect on the game in more direct ways, and that led to the slow growth.

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