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Written by rpiadmin   
Thursday, 13 July 2017 15:09


In the course of history there are moments where events coalesce into a flashpoint, critical decisions must be made to keep societies and even humanity moving forward away from the abyss of extinction.   Flashpoint is a board game I have been working on for years to show how large entities, Nations or Corps, can work together or against each other and the effects it has on the world.  Flash point will reflects the high cost of war and the benefits of working together.

Play Overview

Flashpoint has no dice; Players make deals and spend their resources to drive other players out of the game and become a (or the only) superpower.  Players pick entities and a type of economy, which determines base costs for influence and research.  Players then spend their currency and resources to gain influence over target nations, corps, organizations, and resources; a players influence is created with military, covert, or diplomatic assets and technologies.  Player with the highest influence on a target, while beating its resistance gains that target as an ally.  The Board has 24 minor theaters (48 card slots) and 18 major theaters where targets appear and players compete to gain allies.

Flashpoints and Winning

The game revolves player researching technologies to make creating influence easier (or cheaper) and gaining allies, in both major and minor theaters.   As they gain power and influence they can drive the other players out of the game.  The world moves on regardless of the players actions; Every turn Event cards are revealed that change the world situation.  These cards can cost or give the players currencies and resources as well as damage (or repair) the planets Population, resources, and climate.  These Events can cause a Flashpoint, a crisis that forces world economies to fail, call it a great recession, an energy crisis, a population crisis, or a post world war crash a Flash point costs the players currencies to rebuild or prop up their economies.   A Flashpoint will drive a player to have to take loans or sell technologies to other players to stay in the game, it also can be a driver for players to invest in new technologies to lessen or remove the threat of a flashpoint.  Players are limited only by the cards in the game, their ability to negotiate, and the resources they have.

Winning the game comes when there is only one player left, the game goes a full 20 turns without the end of the world occurring.  That is the one thing all players have to watch, if 2 of the world major gauges (Population, resources, or climate) move to black, society breaks down and the world as the players know it dies.  So warmongering and reckless use of resources can lead to a very dark and bad place.

So that is Flashpoint at a high level, a competitive board game where players compete to be a superpower, but watch out or lose it all.  I am very excited to be moving this game forward its been in the back of my mind for a long time.

Some of the cards that will be used in the game are below.  These are testers I am sure changes will come as the game playtests give us feed back.



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