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Written by rpiadmin   
Wednesday, 26 October 2016 05:48

Iron Kingdoms Conflict (A pet project)

I love the world of Iron Kingdoms, magic, Steam punk, Gods and normal people at war and Undead threats abound.  I was not as excited about the 3d6 system the base game uses, so I decided to remake the conflict system to work with such a world, and the results have been amazing.

By stepping away from my own properties and trying to make the Conflict system fit, without losing the flavor, abilities and depth of the characters, I was able to cleanup and simplify the game.  Using new mechanics like growth, situational and environmental modifiers, and changing the SubSkill System; the game became more flexible while removing all the exception rules that slowed down play.

The result has been a game with the same mechanic of combining skills, while lowering the math to comparable with other game systems.  It is a d100 system with defined challenge types, 3 types of NPC's and a design that draws players into their characters as they grow them and as they play them.  Every value on the sheet gives you an option in the story.

The redesign of the magic and wound systems also helped me fix the different types of casters and damage that Iron Kingdoms has while clarifying the whole idea of what a caster is, how they work mechanically and how damage works whether with a sword, a gun, a spell or an explosive.

It has opened my eyes and shown me a whole new way to design both the Conflict system and games of any type.

So I will be updating and adding much new stuff for that game as well as Wierd War 1, so come back and check it all out.




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