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Sunday, 21 August 2016 05:44

Feel free to forward this on to  other who might  like the idea…


So This is going  to use Savage Worlds Weird War 1 setting.   I am finishing up  characters  that you can take and we can modify to fit your  personal vision.


The plot will be a twilight 2000 scenario in 1916.  A major allied offensive in southern France was interrupted by an attack of undead, werewolves, zombies and Crazy steam powered troops in  various types of armor and with weapons and rocket packs, the  likes no  one has ever seen.  The Giant robots at the  end signaled a new foes entry in the war,  against both sides.


The opening  barrages had been perfect, the Germans took a beating  and as we threw  over the trenches  into  no mans land it  was easy going for a change.  The smoke changed as we ran, turning into an  eerie mist that seemed to slow  us down, like ethereal vines  wrapping around us. Then the shapes appeared coming not from the east, but the south! Then they howled and groaned and were upon us.

The battle  was furious and even the Germans left their trenches to fight this new enemy, and as they washed through us like a hot knife, we  fell and then they were gone.  The second wave of flying soldiers with strange weapons and armor, came minutes later as the survivors had begun to stir and look for cover, They were the hammer.  Following  them were giant robots with massive artillery and machineguns,  to mop us up.  It was a massacre and now we don’t know what to do.

Interested? What more info? I will be  putting the characters up hopefully tomorrow so email me so you can see if anything  strikes your  fancy.  I am thinking Wednesday nights at 7:30 MST but that is something the group  can figure  out.


Weird War I: A Shattered Future  Let me know


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