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The release of Traitor, Rev D, and the future of StrikeForce PDF Print E-mail
Written by rpiadmin   
Wednesday, 16 March 2016 04:39

So lets talk where have I been for the last 3 years or so... Trying to make my dream of a system that allows players to combine passions, skills, technology, goals, and anything they can think of into a baseline value that does not exceed 200, while allowing the GM to create opposition that is challenging and not full of bullshit numbers that drive the players crazy.

Rev A was a wreck of math and simulationist crazy, main and subskills in the 500 -2000 range.  Everyone had a calculator and the die rolls meant almost nothing after the second rank.  The game was AWESOME at telling combat stories, and letting players do awsome amazing things cause they could use anything on the character sheet to succeed.  Rev A was not good at defining the character beyond what the player saw in their head, and giving the player a mechanical way to express those visions in their heads.  Rev A died when one of my players rolled a 1 and hit 25,000 EF.  I knew then as cool as it was, it could never succeed.

Rev B was a leap forward, into a wall of lesser math.  Rev B topped out a 1000 EF, averaged at 600 - 750 with high level characters and failed to grow whenever I tried to expand the universe and the parts of the characters that could exceed the ranges I had set.  Also everyone HAD CALCULATORS still.  It was better than rev A, but in the end it failed because its was math based not action and player based.

<SIDEBAR>  Around this time I started to relaly to get into Warhammer #rd edition.  Those of you who did not like, or even hated the system, I see why.  I also wish you had gone past the "old Way" of playing and seen the amazingf beauty of the dice pool system as it was.  The main part of the WFRP 3rd and the Star Wars EotE systems is it lets the players and the GM tell amazing stories, based on the mechanics of their characters.  It lets the players do more at the table, not sit there waiting for their turn.  The more we played the more I saw parts of a system that I could rebuild into a new Rev, one that would become Rev C.

Rev C was actually rev B.1, Rev b.2, Revb.3, rev b.4 ..... Then I went to con and another game designer was shocked to find out I actually meant that players combine skills to overcome challenges.  He played my game and gave me a ton of feedback; and Rev C was born at 2:30 AM and run at a Sunday game and it worked.  The biggest problems my old versions had was the open ended math. 
Rev C eliminated the need for subtraction and math  (that actually came about when I did a 2 page version of traitor, more on that later)  to create the challenge roll and the challenge types.  The System had a top end defined by Success Brackets that ended at 130 Ranks / 30 EF.   The brackets worked because they converted (without math) to a set EF.  This let me create a set of challenge types from Easy to Impossible, with vaues that changed based on the power of the characters at the table.  NPC creations could scale to the power level at the table and grow as the charcters did.  Rev C worked, I was able to destroy rules and clarify the system in ways I had never been able to before, with the issue that the brackets were limiting the players and what they could use in their skillsets and play at the table.  It was around then I started using the phrase " Let the Players Do More!"  and that was what drove the creation of Rev D and Traitor.

Rev D allows the game tio scale to the power the players at the table want, it lets players create indepth amazing characters and build them in dozens or ways, all to create characters that match a players vision in any way the players wants.  Rev D details in my next post.  But with the release of traitor, I have created a system I can support, expand, and create more than just StrikeForce:2136.  StrikeForce will be re released, but I have some other games I want to release first.  All with a unified and complimentary rule set that spans any game type; the Conflict System is ready to play.


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