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Written by rpiadmin   
Wednesday, 30 October 2013 06:15

So thanx to a ton of good feedback and a very supportive play-test group a lot has changed in REV B.  The major change is to the core mechanic and Combat, making the system both positive and faster than before.  We also have a new Vehicle design, New Hybrid armor design, new fatigue rules,and revamped explosives.

Major Changes

  • System change is very basic Successes now = EF/100 + 1 for a successful roll.  So an EF 250 that succeeds would have 3 successes.  This makes durations and other factors determined by successes more relevant to the game.
  • Combat changes are numerous and many.  The drive to change the combat system came from 2 places: 1) speed of play  2) consistency of flow and results. ...(see the next article for specific changes to combat.  The combat system was not consistent and did not drive skill over everything, so it had to change.

Combat Changes in low detail (more to come)

The first thing that was done was to boost ACC/DAM values of weapons, to further separate the higher type weapons as better than lower types.  Also many protection system values have dropped, a necessary step to bring protection values inline with the values generated by the attacks. The newest change is the Dodge skill is now called Defense.  Defense allows you to pick a stance and use shields.  Stances are specific defense actions that have effects when you beat the attacker or even if you are hit.  Giving the defende a tactical effect on the combat.  Stances include taunts, feints, parry, blocks or dodge.       Apart from those major changes the new system  does compares to determine if a hit occurs and if it does damage.  The Breach system remains determining how much damage one takes, critical hits remain the same except they have a higher damage requirement to one shot kill, but you can still do it.  Situational modifiers now increase breach or lower skill depths.  healing is also now a step in combat resolution making it more obvious when you can take healing actions.
Another cool change is a malfunction system that is more descriptive and shows the ability of armor to resist daamge, while making failures mean something to the situation at the table.

Other Changes

  • The bottom line is this new system is fast while being consistent at low and high character levels, higher level characters can do more  and a higher weapon type has a greater base chance of getting a massive or critical breach, which means more damage.   Combat works and the narrative at the table does a great job of really describing what PC and NPC players are doing.  I am very stoked.
  • New Vehicle design is much more flexible, allows creation of any type of vehicle and hybrids as well.  Its a lot faster and gives you some very fun options to both describe and create the vehicle you want.
  • New Hybrid armor allows  for a more useful design, using minimal EXO systems, the new hybrid allows for armor that can do something at the table.  However they are expensive and locked, once its built that's it.
  • The new fatigue rules limit the number of actions a character can do in 1 phase to END/20.  So a character with an 80 END can take 4 actions (active or passive) in 1 phase or they are fatigued.   A fatigued character must  can do one passive action in the next phase or everything they do is at 1/2 EF.
  • Revamped explosives were driven in part by the new combat system.  I wanted to eliminate as many special rules for explosives, while keeping them lethal.  Explosives now have an accuracy as well as higher damage and there are more types of grenades.

So many changes, all really good, we are very close to being done.  First release of the beta book this week, look for it on Drivethrurpg and here at RolePlayersINK,llc

As always still looking for play-testers. and thanx for reading..

Last Updated on Thursday, 14 November 2013 02:59

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