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Written by rpiadmin   
Monday, 30 April 2012 23:19

So I am playing a long term Warhammer Fantasy 3rd game, along with a rogue trader when somebody cannot make the WFRP game.  One thing I have come to realize is how cool it is the the chaos gods and their minions are so involved in the universe.  Sure thee are orks and beastmen and Tau and Eldar, but no matter what the opposition you can some how attach a chaos god or their minions to the real hand in the shadow.

Whatever the god or the reason; Khore starting wars and feuds, Tezneetch manipulating planets or kingdoms to bad decisions and corrupt acts, Slannesh driving a town or hive to heights of pleasure and pain to summon daemons or attract the eldar to attack the corruption, or Nurgle giving his gifts to a child and its village or a planet  the gods are there.  The Characters look for their influence and the dangers it presents, always looking for deeper meaning because they care to stop that.

In DnD and other games the gods are less directly involved by default, GM's can bring them in and use the wealth of material available to create a story around them. Midnight is a good example, without the taint mechanic the setting lacks the detail of threat and danger that WFRP has.  Even that mechanic is kind of lacking though as soon as a character maxes their taint they just die, no conversion to a death seeking vile corrupted

In WFRP the gods are there in every rock or plot.  Even a random Orc attack could be traced back to a cult of some god trying to distract or cause damage to the empire or the characters.  However my players are as terrified at the thought of being corrupted and lost to corruption, almost more than just dying.    So This brings me to the idea of Bring on the Gods for my new fantasy setting; Tal Nivar.

Rather than make the gods impotent, unable to risk touching the world they created when it is attacked from without, I think the Gods will be determined to show their power giving to others to destroy the invaders or those whom they hate.  The more the gods do this the closer the veil between the gods and the world fails.  When the veil falls bad stuff happens, magic goes awry and the game changes, the world changes and innocence is lost.  So players will have faith as a possible component for their characters and teh GM for NPC's, so the players have to care what the gods are up to and possible stop a hero who's use of power could destroy the world.  They have to invest in the world and the effects of the gods actions on the world.  Also while all that is going on the characters have to worry about the Vampire invasion that has destroyed the Empire of light, but that's a blog for another day.


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