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Food Fight The Card Game
Written by rpiadmin   
Monday, 30 April 2012 20:16

Food Fight at High School High

All the Seniors at High School High are planning a food fight.  The science club has documented all the ammo and sent downloads to Everyone's Pod Caster device.  The Mashed potatoes are ready, the hot sauce and the jelly doughnuts are ripe and the teachers are unaware.  SMS messages send you advantages from using a Freshman to defend yourselves or getting caught by the principal, or finding new clothes in the teachers lounge.

At the thrid bell the fight starts and only one can be left standing.

So come and pick Joe Fotbul, Polly Pretty, Kurt Nice guy or any one the other stereo typical high school tropes as they toss ketchup other condiments and food to disgust their opponents and driving them from the cafeteria.

So come play Food Fight: The Card Game - All the Mess  None of the Cleanup



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