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Iron Kingdoms An Ancient Dark Awakens


Weird War 1 - A Shattered World

A long journey to back to the start; yet very different


So back in 2005 I released StrikeForce:2136 using the Rev A conflict system.  After its release I learned, learned, and discovered of many of the things about my system that would quite simply be a barrier to many players picking it up and playing it.  Some of these things were the art, the writing, the layout and the fact I did it in 3 books.  However the many comments  and play sessions with new players after the release showed me something was missing.  I had player Rev A so much and not PLAYED enough new RPG's that I missed the change in what players were looking for in an RPG.  This is a short discussion on what I found and how it changed the Conflict system into what it is today.

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Prologue -- New Pieces On the Board

Deuce had left the Free City of Paravon, obviously in a hurry (not the first time), just a few moments ahead of the City Guard.  The woman had betrayed him; and done it with style.  Her wedding to the duke was days away now, duce under suspicion of theft and a posible murder.  Deuce had to grin, she had played him like a

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