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Iron Kingdoms An Ancient Dark Awakens


Weird War 1 - A Shattered World

RolePlayersInk New site is Broadcasting

Yes Folks we are back.  After several attempts we have new games and a new website. 


The Design Pipeline is full and we will be releaseing some PDFs soon, along with potential kickstarters in the future.


Like us and get ready for some fun.

Prologue -- New Pieces On the Board

Deuce had left the Free City of Paravon, obviously in a hurry (not the first time), just a few moments ahead of the City Guard.  The woman had betrayed him; and done it with style.  Her wedding to the duke was days away now, duce under suspicion of theft and a posible murder.  Deuce had to grin, she had played him like a

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A long journey to back to the start; yet very different


So back in 2005 I released StrikeForce:2136 using the Rev A conflict system.  After its release I learned, learned, and discovered of many of the things about my system that would quite simply be a barrier to many players picking it up and playing it.  Some of these things were the art, the writing, the layout and the fact I did it in 3 books.  However the many comments  and play sessions with new players after the release showed me something was missing.  I had player Rev A so much and not PLAYED enough new RPG's that I missed the change in what players were looking for in an RPG.  This is a short discussion on what I found and how it changed the Conflict system into what it is today.

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