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1. The Conflict Toolset
(No Brakes Blog/The No Brakes Theory)
What I have been trying to do for 20 years is make a different kind of roleplaying system, one where players can use the every aspect of a character to create and expand stories at the table.  Where I ...
2. Iron Kingdoms Conflict Game
(No Brakes Blog/The No Brakes Theory)
Iron Kingdoms Conflict (A pet project) I love the world of Iron Kingdoms, magic, Steam punk, Gods and normal people at war and Undead threats abound.  I was not as excited about the 3d6 system the ...
So lets talk where have I been for the last 3 years or so... Trying to make my dream of a system that allows players to combine passions, skills, technology, goals, and anything they can think of into ...
4. The System is in Flux
(Published Games/StrfikeForce RPG)
So thanx to a ton of good feedback and a very supportive play-test group a lot has changed in REV B.  The major change is to the core mechanic and Combat, making the system both positive and faster than ...
5. Strikeforce:2136 Rev B PlayTest
(Published Games/StrfikeForce RPG)
... or at DriveThruRPG in a bundle or individually. Simply register at RPI and go to the StrikeForce:2136 downloads page or to DriveThru. In addition to the the StrikeForce:2136 Core System book, Character ...
6. StrikeForce Stacked Deck Products
(RPI Store/StrikeForce Stacked Deck products)
These are the available Stacked Deck Products.  The exciting experience of running a corportaion as you move to conqure the UN and Control the System.        ...
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