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1. A Flashpoint is Coming
(Board Game News/Release News)
... point will reflects the high cost of war and the benefits of working together. Play Overview Flashpoint has no dice; Players make deals and spend their resources to drive other players out of the ...
2. The Conflict Toolset
(No Brakes Blog/The No Brakes Theory)
What I have been trying to do for 20 years is make a different kind of roleplaying system, one where players can use the every aspect of a character to create and expand stories at the table.  Where I ...
3. Iron Kingdoms Conflict Game
(No Brakes Blog/The No Brakes Theory)
... the math to comparable with other game systems.  It is a d100 system with defined challenge types, 3 types of NPC's and a design that draws players into their characters as they grow them and as they play ...
So lets talk where have I been for the last 3 years or so... Trying to make my dream of a system that allows players to combine passions, skills, technology, goals, and anything they can think of into ...
5. The System is in Flux
(Published Games/StrfikeForce RPG)
... critical breach, which means more damage.   Combat works and the narrative at the table does a great job of really describing what PC and NPC players are doing.  I am very stoked. New Vehicle design ...
6. Bring on the Gods
(No Brakes Blog/The No Brakes Theory)
... could be traced back to a cult of some god trying to distract or cause damage to the empire or the characters.  However my players are as terrified at the thought of being corrupted and lost to corruption, ...
7. Food Fight The Card Game
(RPI Store/Food Fight Products)
RPI is Proud to present Food Fight The Card Game.  A fun family card game where players take the role of a student at High school High. The science club has rated all the ammo for you and the text messages ...
8. Strikeforce:2136 Rev B PlayTest
(Published Games/StrfikeForce RPG)
RolePlayersINK,llc Announces the StrikeForce:2136 Rev B PlayTest Hello! Its an exciting time here at RPI as the first book of the new Rev B rules is done. We have created 2 layouts, similar in look, ...
9. What is no Brakes
(No Brakes Blog/The No Brakes Theory)
... guy in die hard did. They started a series or events and then did stuff to try and stop the good guys from stopping them. Characters can figure out whats going on faster, making a GM or the players ...
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