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1. A Flashpoint is Coming
(Board Game News/Release News)
... game and become a (or the only) superpower.  Players pick entities and a type of economy, which determines base costs for influence and research.  Players then spend their currency and resources to gain ...
2. The Conflict Toolset
(No Brakes Blog/The No Brakes Theory)
... the die results with almost no math.  I gave players influence  and complications to enhance the story at the table. So today I am doing a basic layout for the rules to the Conflict Toolset so Others ...
3. Bring on the Gods
(No Brakes Blog/The No Brakes Theory)
... and pain to summon daemons or attract the eldar to attack the corruption, or Nurgle giving his gifts to a child and its village or a planet  the gods are there.  The Characters look for their influence ...
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