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1. The Conflict Toolset
(No Brakes Blog/The No Brakes Theory)
... went from a system with no top end to one that maxed out around 1000.  That worked better but still needed calcs and combat was a maze of charts and formulas.   Rev C brought the numbers down to around ...
... could exceed the ranges I had set.  Also everyone HAD CALCULATORS still.  It was better than rev A, but in the end it failed because its was math based not action and player based. <SIDEBAR>  Around ...
3. The System is in Flux
(Published Games/StrfikeForce RPG)
... higher type weapons as better than lower types.  Also many protection system values have dropped, a necessary step to bring protection values inline with the values generated by the attacks. The newest ...
4. Food Fight The Card Game
(RPI Store/Food Fight Products)
... with special defenses and attacks are being sent by the onlookers.  You have to dodge and weave, while throwing the food you find.  Some of the food is harder to throw, but is makes a better mess.  So ...
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