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So lets talk where have I been for the last 3 years or so... Trying to make my dream of a system that allows players to combine passions, skills, technology, goals, and anything they can think of into ...
2. The System is in Flux
(Published Games/StrfikeForce RPG)
... change is the Dodge skill is now called Defense.¬† Defense allows you to pick a stance and use shields.¬† Stances are specific defense actions that have effects when you beat the attacker or even if you ...
3. Strikeforce:2136 Rev B PlayTest
(Published Games/StrfikeForce RPG)
... system for Human, Droids and BioHorrors Social Combat system that allows for influencing¬† or duels, focuses on players Roleplay adding bonuses. Tech combat has been streamlined 2 rolls to hack a computer, ...
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