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1. The System is in Flux
(Published Games/StrfikeForce RPG)
... change is the Dodge skill is now called Defense.  Defense allows you to pick a stance and use shields.  Stances are specific defense actions that have effects when you beat the attacker or even if you ...
2. Bring on the Gods
(No Brakes Blog/The No Brakes Theory)
... the effects of the gods actions on the world.  Also while all that is going on the characters have to worry about the Vampire invasion that has destroyed the Empire of light, but that's a blog for another ...
3. What is no Brakes
(No Brakes Blog/The No Brakes Theory)
... do new things to stop them, The players may fall behind and see the situation spiral out of control. Either way players are forced to respond with awesome actions at the table, that is the No Breaks ...
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